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Make 1000s of $$$ Promoting

The T.A.S.K. System

For GroovePages

From one of the official GroovePages designers, Debarshi Sarkar, who is referred to as the best designer by Mike Filsaime comes this book that can help 500,000+ Groove users to master their GroovePages game.

Why You Should Promote the T.A.S.K. System for GroovePages

You will be leaving money on the table if you don't; because every Groove user would be buying this, if they want to master the skillset of GroovePages and create amazing websites and funnels. Purchasing this book is a NO BRAINER for any Groove user.

Promote with Confidence

  • Approved by Groove Digital: The fact that they have approved this eBook is an indication of its quality and relevance to Groove users.

  • 100% Positive Feedback: The fact that the eBook has received 100% positive feedback is a strong testament to its quality and usefulness. This will make it easier for affiliates to promote the book with confidence, knowing that it has been well-received by previous customers.

  • Nominal Price: The eBook is priced at a nominal price, making it accessible to all Groove users. This makes it an easy sell for affiliates, as potential customers will not be deterred by a high price point.

  • Large User Base: With close to 500,000+ active users, the potential market for the eBook is vast. This presents a significant opportunity for affiliates to reach a large audience and generate sales.

  • Easy to Sell: Given that the eBook is specifically designed for Groove users, selling it to this audience will be relatively easy for affiliates. You can leverage your existing relationships with Groove users, as well as the positive feedback and approval of the eBook, to generate interest and drive sales.

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    Earn upto $200 in commissions

    Now let's talk about the fun part!

    How much can you earn by promoting the T.A.S.K. System for GroovePages

    Complete breakdown of the products in the funnel and how much can you make from each product in the funnel

    Front End Product

    Product name: The T.A.S.K. System for GroovePages eBook

    Product Price: $67

    Your Commission: $25

    UpSell #1

    Product name: Video Walkthrough of the T.A.S.K. System for GP eBook

    Product Price: $397

    Your Commission: $100

    UpSell #2

    Product name: The Common Practices for GroovePages 

    Product Price: $297

    Your Commission: $75

    Maximum Commission to be Earned: $25 + $100 + $75 = $200

    Sign me up as an Affiliate!
    Earn upto $200 in commissions

    Promote this to 500,000+ Active Groove Users

    Wide open market with an exclusive product is bound to sell and make you the money!

    Use the below testimonial to market the book

    "You don’t go from driving a budget sedan to a fancy sports car without learning how to operate your new equipment..."

    You don’t go from driving a budget sedan to a fancy sports car without learning how to operate your new equipment. We’ve all seen the valet driver screech the tires of a Maserati because they can’t handle the power in the engine or don’t know how to drive the paddle shifting. The software that runs your business is no different. Sure, you can get your website up just by taking the seat and hitting the ignition… but when you take the time to learn from a master about the design and features of your vehicle…you gain subtle nuances that lift you to the status of elite professional… a master knows how to make the most of their tools. That’s why even as an owner of Groove who helped design the system, I had a lot to learn from Debarshi and his approach to page design… and I’m confident you will too.


    CMO, Groove Digital


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